Holy Shit ! Chicken Fried Rice

I am back after a long hiatus. Spent the better part of last year reading quite a lot and cooking too but never had much time to blog. Fried rice inspired by Kylie Kwong’s recipe.


Holy Shit ! Chicken Fried Rice


Cooked short  grained rice : 2 cups ( Preferably one day old )

Carrot : 1, chopped finely

Green bell pepper : 1, medium chopped finely

Red cabbage : 1/2 , small sized chopped finely

Yellow bell pepper : 1, medium chopped finely

Onion: 1/2, chopped finely

Garlic : 6 cloves, chopped finely

Ginger : 1/2 inch, chopped finely

Red and green chili: 1 each, chopped

Chicken : 1/2 cup, diced into bite sized

Egg: 1

Oil: For frying


Cracked black pepper

Soy sauce : 1 tsp

Rice wine vinegar : 2 tsp


In a hot wok heat some oil and when it begins to shimmer on the surface crack the egg and put it in the wok. Scramble it and cook it till the eggs are done. Cut the fried egg in smaller pieces and set it aside from the wok. Clean the wok and add some more oil. To this add the garlic,ginger and onion. Saute for two minutes until the onion turns translucent. To this add the chicken pieces and fry at medium heat. When the chicken is beginning to change its color and harden you know it is done.

Next add all the vegetables to it and stir fry. Add soy sauce and vinegar and season well. Increase the flame to high and fry until the carrots are cooked but firm. Add the fried eggs and chicken to the mix and stir.  Add the cooked rice to it and cook for three more minutes.

Serve with Tso’s chicken or orange chicken. But you can just finish it up without a side dish. It is that good !

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Mouth-Numbing Fried Chicken

Chilli. Lots and lots of chilli. And fried chicken. Unadulterated fried chicken. Calories and heat and lip-smacking flavors in every bite of it is what I give you all today in the post.

CAUTION: Heat barometer readings extremely high.Though nothing to lose having chillies once in a while in its full galore.

So presenting the Asian-inspired no-nonsense fried chicken of this Sunday.Did I mention it has been raining all day today?

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Mouth-Numbing Fried Chicken


Chicken : 10 bite-sized pieces

Cornflour: 2 tbsp

Black pepper: 2 tsp,powder

Red chilli flakes: 3 tsp

Dark soy sauce: 1 tsp

Hoisin sauce: 2 tsp

Rice vinegar: 2 tsp


Fresh red chilli: 1/2,sliced,for garnishing

Canola oil: 3 tbsp,for frying



Take the chicken pieces in a bowl and add cornflour,salt,black pepper,red chilli flakes,soy sauce,hoisin sauce and vinegar.Mix well so as to cover all the pieces with the marinade well.Ensure that your hands are safe from the chilli heat.I do it with my bare hands but you can use kitchen gloves for this.Cover the bowl and leave it for 30 minutes.

After the chicken has been marinated take a skillet and pour oil in it.Keep the heat on medium and meanwhile in a small plate take some cornflour,black pepper powder and red chilli flakes and mix well.Take each marinated chicken piece and roll it in the dry cornflour mix to coat well and then fry it in oil.Put all the pieces in hot oil at once.Fry each side for 3 minutes and take them out when they are rich golden-red in color with crisp skin.Drain the excess oil off the fried chicken on kitchen tissue.Serve in a bowl with sliced red chillis.

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I served it with sweet and sour green mango chutney.I definitely recommend this as the sweet and sour tang of the chutney amalgamates the fiery red chilli flavors of the chicken.

Happy weekend everyone!

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