Fried Egg Open Sandwich

I have been reading The Horologicon by Mark Forsyth and am totally in love with it.It might be the best book I have read this year till now.Mark has this style of making a dictionary feel brainy yet savvy.His other book Elements of Eloquence is also fascinating but this one is going to be my favorite.So I am in a rush to complete it and have been taking notes too.Keeping a written journal sometimes feels more useful than pinning or bookmarking.

All this reading business calls for eats that can be made within say,ten minutes.Tops.So you end up being curled up with your favorite book instead of sweating off in front of the burner waiting for it to cook your breakfast.

Open sandwiches are my favorites because technically its one slice of bread and a ‘lot’ of topping.So you keep piling them and it looks pretty too.Interestingly,an old English phrase ‘butter shag’ means a slice of bread and butter.There is a confectionary in Calcutta named Flurys which has its signature open sandwich and is quite delicious.It serves bacon or ham of your choice with grilled chicken,tomatoes and greens.With the quintessential fried egg on top.I must say my sandwich has the look of the Flurys one but sans meat.I cook mostly vegetarian because Dad is a vegetarian and he is the greatest critic.So you know.

DSCN3849 - Copy (2)

Fried Egg Open Sandwich 


Multigrain bread: 1 slice

Butter: 1 tsp

Red and yellow bell pepper: 3-4 slices

Romaine lettuce: 1-2 medium leaves

Ground black pepper





One of the simplest and prettiest breakfast dishes.Toss the bell peppers in the butter for 2 minutes and add salt.Set aside.Place the lettuce leaves on the bread slice and then the pepper slices and season with black pepper and salt.Fry an egg in the olive oil and and toss it on the assembly.The open sandwich is ready to eat.

DSCN3846 - Copy

Let’s go back reading!


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