3 Pepper Grilled Cheese

It has been a long time I have been on the blog.Hectic times at work but I have been cooking every weekend since last my last post.So I guess many recipes to come now.

It is Holi today.The festival of colors.And it called for a filling grilled cheese with pepper filling.

DSCN4088 - Copy

3 Pepper Grilled Cheese


Whole wheat bread slices: 2

Chopped bell pepper(red,green and yellow): 2 tbsp

Chopped red onion: 1 tbsp

Ground black pepper:1 tsp

Mozzarella and cheddar cheese slices: 4


Olive oil: 1 tbsp

Egg: 1

DSCN4087 - Copy


Take a skillet and pour the oil.When the oil is hot enough add the chopped bell pepper,onion,salt and black pepper.Fry them in low heat until they are tender.Make sure they retain their color.Take out the fry mix on a kitchen towel to soak the excess oil.Return to the skillet and put a slice of bread on it.Flip it on both sides until golden brown.Now layer the pepper mix on the bread and cover with cheese slices.Place the second bread slice on top of it.Now heat it on the skillet.Apply pressure on it to compress the sandwich.Flip it over.When golden brown take it out of the pan,cut it in two pieces.Serve it with either tomato soup or fried egg as I had it with.And a hot cup of tea.Yumm!


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